What Kind Of Girls Want To Date A Millionaire?

rich manIt is every woman’s dream to date a millionaire. To date rich men, however, it takes a certain kind of girl. Dating a millionaire is not for everyone and it is not a lifestyle that just anyone can relate to. While every woman wishes to date a millionaire, there is a certain kind of woman who suits a millionaire best.

A millionaire does not want a woman who is merely content to sit back and spend their hard earned money. Dating a millionaire is not about being a “gold digger contrary to popular belief. The kind of girl who wants to date a millionaire is a girl who is tired of living a simple life, a girl who wants some excitement in her existence.

By dating a millionaire, a girl is able to access a world that she has never dreamed of, a whole new way of living. And statistically, most millionaires prefer to date a woman who has less money than they do, so that they can show their significant other the finer things in life.

wealthy coupleThe type of woman who wants to date a millionaire is often driven and goal oriented in her own life. Even though the mental image of a woman who dates millionaires is often the spoiled princess, the pampered housewife, the busty, vivacious woman who is barely out of her teens, career women want to date rich men, too.

Women who have vibrant careers, yet are used to having to support a woman are also the kind of girls who want to a date a millionaire. Coming home after a long day of work, only to be greeted for someone who has not even left the house all day or has even an iota of ambition is not preferable.

Dating a millionaire is not about finding a rich man for these women, it is about finding a man who has a plan for his life, a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. No one becomes a millionaire by sitting around all of the time and people who exist in a higher tax bracket know about the value of a hard day’s work.

rich men datingThe old school image of a woman with her hand out, asking for money to go shopping? This is a thing of the past. If you wish to date rich men, you do not need to be labeled as someone who is digging for gold or incapable of providing for themselves.

Ambitious, powerful women who seek similar love to date rich men. Simply put, the kind of girl who dates a millionaire is someone who has already their affairs in order, but is merely looking for the cherry on top of her sundae.