Cities with the Most Millionaire Women

meet millionaire womanWhen it comes to millionaire dating, it is important to know where they are located. After all, your chances to date a millionaire increase when you go to where they live because they tend to find the same opportunities in certain locations around the world.

Here are the top five cities when it comes to the greatest concentration of millionaires so that you can start your journey today in finding the right relationship with a woman of accomplishment.


Almost one out of every three people in Monaco is a millionaire and the rest of the population probably works for them in one way or another. This tiny city-state offers the highest percentage of millionaires and the advantage of living so close together that it becomes very easy to find them. For the man looking to date the millionaire woman, this is arguably the best place to go in terms of meeting them. However, Monaco is not the cheapest place to live, so you will have to do pretty well yourself if you want to stay for very long.

Zurich and Geneva

Ranked second and third on the list of having the most millionaires per person in the world, these two cities are located in Switzerland which enjoys healthy tax breaks and a lifestyle that is very well suited for those who enjoy millionaire dating. While both cities are not as lavish as Monaco, they do offer plenty of activities and a comfortable lifestyle that many will enjoy.

New York

The city that never sleeps is fourth on the list with one out of every twenty two people being millionaires and that includes many women who have earned their way into that spot. New York is a beautiful city that is filled with many things to do and provides a comfortable lifestyle for those who enjoy dating millionaires. Offering the best in live theatre, a rich waterfront area and many different activities as well as economic opportunities, New York is the only US city to make the top five, although both Houston and San Francisco did make the top twenty.


For those in the know, Frankfurt rounding out the top five is no real surprise thanks to the healthy economy that Germany has enjoyed for the past several years. Frankfurt combines a healthy lifestyle with many different activities and events that make it the perfect place to meet millionaire women. In addition, Germany is very well suited for those who are looking for their own economic opportunities as well.

When it comes to millionaire dating, the first rule is that you have to find them in order to start the dating process. To date a millionaire woman who has earned her way to the top means finding someone of accomplishment that should be respected for what they have done. However, just like everyone else women who have earned their fortune need companionship. By going to where they are, you can enjoy many dating opportunities that may lead to a rich, rewarding relationship that you will treasure forever.